This blog is dedicated to the principle that new ideas in science are fun. Even an incorrect hypothesis can be food for thought.

But there’s a more serious purpose. Voices at the very top of science are pointing out that the massive institutionalisation of research of the last 50 years has led to an indigestibly vast harvest of data – not all of which is even correct – but a dearth of new and original thinking, especially compared to the previous hundred years.

A little over a century ago, people like Lord Kelvin were declaiming that there was ‘nothing left to discover’. The modern equivalent – now widely voiced in business circles after a very long period with no exciting breakthroughs – ‘perhaps we’ve already grabbed all the low hanging fruit’. This blog aims to disprove that. The main tags used are:

Serious issues

Fusion – our biggest overlooked opportunity: should we have succeeded decades ago

Population – our biggest overlooked problem: was Malthus right after all?

Oversights –  systematic errors, big opportunities and problems overlooked

Lighter thoughts

Biology – some purely speculative hypotheses, yet they could explain some current puzzles with important practical implications

Space – how to conquer that tantalizing final frontier

Blunders – myths and errors in recently published science

If even one idea you come across here turns out to be an overlooked fruit – and I will be putting forward a mouth-watering selection – it may be the most important thing you’ve read this millennium.


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