‘Tis the season of the year to perform my Pringle calculation.

One Pringle has just under 10 kcal = 40 kJ energy. To lift a 100 kg person 1 metre under Earth gravity takes 1 kJ. However human muscle is only around 20% efficient. Allowing also for digestive inefficiencies and background metabolism, if you were walking up a staircase in a skyscraper, and someone had put a Pringle on every 20th step = 4 metres vertical, you’d be burning just about as much energy as you were consuming. That’s about 1.5 floors per Pringle for a fairly heavy person. If you weigh a more median 75 kg, one Pringle on every second floor is all you get.

Exercise is not worth it, at least for slimming. On the flat it’s even worse, you need to walk 50 metres or so per Pringle, you’d probably perk up your appetite much more than that. Take the bus, and decline the chocolate biscuit with your coffee.


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